Confusing forums?


Apr 24, 2009
Hi all...

I was wondering whether the navigation to the forums could be improved from a usability point of view? WHat I mean is that some sub-sections seem a bit hidden.

I.e., it is not clear at all how to access the "New Talent and Track Reviews", I only saw this sub-forum a couple of days ago.

Wouldn't it be clearer to have all forums appearing in the home page divided as sub-forums? THe main reason for me asking this is that I am convinced that most posts for track feedback that are being posted in the production forums are there because new users get lost. It happened to me (although I am not a very clever human being, must be said), but I am sure that a clearer layout would help out newbies... :)

Best regards to whoever is behind these great forums!

LOL! The whole point of my thread is not to help me find posts - I am now quite comfortable with it! :D

My point is that navigation is not that clear for really new users, which can end up posting in the Production forum instead of the and annoying the locals...

Having said that: I guess we cannot get rid of the eternal first posters with their "check ma track" posts... :D
i dont think this a huge problem...

if you see a thread that you think is in the wrong section, just hit the underneath their avatar to let us know its in the wrong spot and we'll move it.

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