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Nov 29, 2001


dnbforum had a chat with one of New Zealand's sickest Drum & Bass exports, Concord Dawn. With releases and forthcoming releases on labels such as Timeless, 31 Records and Freak, things are certainly looking good for the duo from Auckland, New Zealand.


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Nov 29, 2001

1. How old are you two?

Evan: I'm 25
Matt: 26 i think.

2. How did you two meet?

M: We met at school when we were 11 or 12 and played in a band together.
E: We did covers of Guns n Roses and Skid Row songs and stuff like that.

3. Where are you from?

M: Both from Auckland's sunny North Shore.

4. Do you think your location has affected your success in Drum & Bass?

M: Its hard to know really? Have we had any success in Drum and Bass yet?
E: We've had a little success, lets see what happens over the next year. New Zealand is a really laid back country, so I think it's a little easier on your brain down here.

5. What are your real names?

M: Evan Andrew and Matthew Gladding

6. Where did the name "Concord Dawn" come from?

M: Its an obscure star wars reference.

7. How long have you been working together for?

M: As Concord Dawn about 4 years I think, but we've been on and off making music together since we met though.
E: We both we're writing tunes before we started Concord Dawn, we kind of decided to put our ideas and gear together.

8. What is the Drum & Bass scene like in your area?

M: Really healthy for such a small country, and lots of people starting to come through e.g. Bulletproof, MC Tali, Kaps, Agent Alvin, DJ Random/Double Dragon etc etc
E: I'm really excited by some of the newer producers down here like Agent Alvin and Kaps, they're doing some really cool stuff at the moment.

9. 2003 looks to be a good year for Drum & Bass, where do you see it heading?

M: Hopefully it will become more diverse and open minded, with more musicality across the board.

10. Do you have a web site?

M: No, sorry.

11. Individually, how long have you been producing Drum & Bass?

M: I've been doing it for about 5 years i guess, was making round making crap trip hop and crap drum and bass with an mpc2000 before i hooked up with Evan.
E: I suppose I started about 9 years ago. I was doing all sorts though, Techno, Industrial, Gabba/Hardcore all the harder kind of stuff, but I was writing Drum n Bass about then too.

12. Individually, do you both DJ, and how long have you been mixing for?

M: Yeah we both DJ. I've been mixing about 3 years now, i learnt to do it on CD players hehehe. Evan forced me to learn!
E: Yeah, because I used to play our sets, with Matt standing behind me trying to tell what tune to play next, and I was like, "Fuck off. Play it yourself!" So one day I kicked his ass into DJing now he loves it.. and sometimes he's better than me. hahahaha

13. Individually, what are your Drum & Bass influences?

M: Bad Company, Konflict/Kemal, C4C, Klute, Dom , Ed Rush and Optical when I first got into it I suppose, but now its a tune here and a tune there from all sorts of people.
E: Yeah, same here really. Really feeling Pendulum and Fresh at the moment, just because I feel they're pushing the genre forward stylistically and their tunes are wicked.

14. Individually, do you have any other musical interests?

M: Coltrane, Failure, James Brown, Tool, Rush, Steely Dan etc etc you get the picture.
E: I'm into stuff like Slayer, Pantera, Queens of the Stonage, Entombed... basically metal. Oh yeah, really into Iron Maiden right now.

15. Individually, how did you become involved in the Drum & Bass scene?

M: Well, i used to play the Star Wars CCG with a guy called Aaron, who also did some of my tattoos. He was one of the first people to play jungle here, and I went to see him play and got hooked instantly. Then he played me all his records and I went out to gigs as often as possible ad it kind of evolved from there.
E: I was into Hardcore, like old Prodigy and Lenny Dee and stuff like that, then someone at school lent me a compilation called Counterforce. It was a bunch of "Intelligent Jungle" and I really liked it. I already liked the ragga kinda jungle that was around, but on the comp there was this tune by Hyper on Experience called Disturbance, and that tune basically fuelled my loved of Drum n Bass, after that the Torque album got me completely hooked. Met Matt and its been all down hill from there, hehehe.

16. Individually, what did you do before Drum & Bass?

M: Er nothing really. I worked for a year after school pumping gas then went to audio engineering school and failed. I've been a musician bum ever since, used to play quite a bit with my jazz band, Harvey, doing weddings, cafes, rich girls 21sts etc etc. I was also in a kinda emo rock band, but Concord Dawn started to become more and more successful and so i haven't played the drums for a few years now unfortunately.
E: Working at a music shop, selling synths and computers.

17. What are your favourite Drum & Bass web sites?

E: DOA, Drum'n'Bass Arena..., hahahaha
M: I didn't know there were any.

18. Individually, what do you do when your not playing out or in the studio?

M: Sleep, Eat and Fuck. Talk on AIM. Watch movies. Play station. Alcohol. Pretty boring really.
E: Sleep, Eat, Fuck and Eat some more. I like going to the Pub. Scrabble and Monopoly. ye.. boring.

19. Do you ever wonder why you produce Drum & Bass? If so, how did you overcome the doubts?

E: What Me Worry? I've never thought about that, I just do it coz I like it.
M: Not really so many doubts, maybe ask me again in 5 years. hahaha



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Nov 29, 2001

1. Hardware or software?

M: Software

2. What hardware/software (use as applicable) do you use to produce?

E: Fruity Loops Studio

3. Do you have any "mastering" tips?

M: Make it sound fat.

4. Can you describe your sound?

M: Hard musical Drum'n'Bass

5. Did you have to ask Slayer's permission for "Raining Blood", and have you sent them the finished tune? If so, did they like it?

M: No, No and No. Evan and a guy called Joel from a local metal band played the guitar on it.
E: Besides, its not even the same riff as Raining Blood, its just kinda similar.

6. CD/MP3 or vinyl?

E: I like to play off CD, coz dubs are expensive and CD's are lighter, I play the occasional record though.
M: CD and Vinyl, CD where possible please promoters.

7. What projects are you currently working on?

M: Our 3rd album, due for release in September.

8. What future projects are in the pipe line?

M: Need to do a tune to go with the morning light remix for timeless, finish up an ep for renegade hardware. Then well turn into 12 inch sluts.

9. Do you plan to tour soon? If so, where?

M: Looks like in November Evan will return to USA/Canada/Australia and I'll hit Europe again.

10. Are you working on any other genres other than Drum & Bass?

M: No just the sweet music of loooove.
E: I play around with some metal stuff on my laptop, but nothing serious.

11. Are there any Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

M: Bad Company and/or Fresh. Kemal. Goldie. Dom. kind of everyone really sooner or later :P
E: I'd really like to go in with Dillinja... but like that would ever happen, hahahahaha

12. Is there a certain tune you would like to remix?

E: Let me think... Number of the Beast maybe?
M: hehehe theres a large list.

13. Are there any non-Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

M: Ken Andrews, Bjork and lots of dead people.
E: Ye, I wanna work with dead rotting bodies... Kylie Monogue would be cool.

14. What Drum & Bass tune are currently at the front of your record box?

M: Its a cd wallet! Usually start with the latest tune we have made, depends from set to set really though.
E: Looking at my record box now, I can see Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind and Lemon D - Generation X.

15. How did it feel when you first heard someone drop one of your tunes at a club?

M: Really really good.
E: Its a nice warm fluffy feeling.

16. Individually, do you have a favourite "all time" tune?

M: No
E: Nup. Sorry

17. Turntables.. Technics or Vestax?

M: Pioneer CDJ 1000s
E: and either Technics 1200s or those Vestax PDX 2000s or whatever they are. Not Gemini's though.

18. MCs.. yes, no, or depends?

M: Depends.

19. Dubplates.. 10 or 12 inch?

M: SKC blank cds, or similar.
E: Preferably the 80 minute ones.

20. Computer format.. PC, MAC, or both?

E: PC all the way.

21. Bootlegs.. yes, no, or depends?

M: hehe, well i guess we have to say yes don't we?
E: Do we?

22. Do you think you will team up with Pendulum at any point, or maybe remix the "Vault" on 31 Records?

E: Ye, we wanna do something with them soon, maybe do something new though.
M: Id prefer to do Back to You or Spiral.

23. Going back to "Raining Blood", where did that idea come from?

M: Just wanted to do something a bit different. never meant to offend any uptight drum and bass snobs.
E: I've always wanted to do a tune with a big heavy guitar in it, it just kinda happened.

24. We have had multiple questions about some your forthcoming tunes, if you could shed some light on a few of them;

  • Vulcan - 31 records, not sure when.
  • The Sun (Remix) - might be coming out on BSE recs, id have to ask the cows about that one.
  • I'll Be There 4 U In The Morning Light - again not sure 100%. will wait and see if theres a demand. definitely not for a while. I know who's got it so don't go downloading it off the interweb ya hear!!
E: We've got a "12 on Redlight as well with Zulu and Quattro.

25. The "Concord Dawn" album, have you got any exclusive information for us?

M: Well it will be a mix of new tunes and stuff that's already been on vinyl. track listing so far is:
Aurora, Raining Blood/Slayer, Morning Light, Tonite, Horrorshow and Spudgun....other tunes are unfinished and unnamed.



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Nov 29, 2001

1. What is next for "Low Profile"?

M: That's a long story.
E: We'll let you know soon. hehe


1. Individually, what is your favourite colour?

E: Red
M: Blue

2. Individually, if you could move from New Zealand, where would you move to?

M: Vienna, home of the Wankies, Dgay and Mouthfull.
E: I really like Seattle, or maybe Brighton. Home's too good to leave though.

3. Individually, do you drive, and what do you drive?

M: I have never driven a car in my life, nor should i ever be allowed behind the wheel.
E: I crashed my last car 2 years ago, but I'm just about to get a big old Holden.

4. Individually, what is your favourite film?

E: Usual Suspects
M: Empire Strikes Back

5. Individually, what would you rather lose, your hearing or your vision?

M: Hearing. Can i just lose my artistic vision though?
E: I reckon I'd rather lose my hearing, coz Beethoven was deaf, and he spend ages just trying to get some fuckin music....


1. Any shouts or final words?

E: Shouts to the Kingsland Massive and the King Street Posse, and every one else connected to this beautiful thing called life.
M: You know who you are.



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Nov 29, 2001
Re: Concord Dawn

I would just like to thank Matt and Evan for taking the time out for the interview - Bigups from the massive :slayer:


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Jun 21, 2002
The Dark
thats a lot of reading... But i got there in the end ;)
Seems like concord dawn are pretty solid geezers... Wonder if they are all like that out in new zealand....


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Aug 1, 2004
Re: Concord Dawn

Haha you joked about neva getting a chance to play with Dillinja, mate (s) i think your drum and bass is wicked, its quite original and i like the trancy element in Aurora and morning light it makes it very pleasurable to listen to! If only i could work out the lyrics to morning light!! Think i prefer your style to Dillinjas, playing your new album now, tis very very good. Ur my favourite at the mo, so keep releasing them big tunes..!
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