Conclude - Forever Break (under progress)


VIP Junglist
Drums are too distant in the mix.

The Choral Padwork has too much low end in it (I'm guessing)... if you'd do some EQ work or some filtering, I imagine your mix will clean up a lot.

The Guitar lead line is cool... and I like the multiple Melodic riffs you start bouncing off of each other around the 1:30 mark. Imo, the Horn sounding lead would sound cooler if you did some kind of Filter Mod on it.

Cool drum changeup at the 2:20 mark.

I wouldn't necessarily "take anything out"... but overall:

1. Intro into the drums is a lil too abrupt imo.
2. Outro is non existent.
3. Mixdown in regard to Perc needs work because the drums are too distant in the mix.

pretty and melodic work though :)