concept track and video "manchine"


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ok my mate is studyin graphic design at uni and for one of his projects he decided to make a track constructed ONLY from samples he could record using a dictaphone. and to make a video that goes with the track as a concept video.

he went to the science museum and the natural history museum and recorded as many sounds as possible, then spent a long time chopping them up and producing a track out of them.

he really couldnt make a decent bassline out of the samples he had recorded so he sent me the track and i made a bass loop in reason then sent it back. this added to the concept of man meets machine hence "manchine"

the bassline is the only part we synthesized of this, the rest he constructed only from the samples he recorded.. so i think its pretty sick...

he made the video from photos he had taken and from clips of youtube videos...

if you think its rubbish fairplay but i think its really creative for what its made from