Drum & Bass Concept Launch (Nov 25th) - Serum / Voltage / Bassman / Turno / Fatman D

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    Promo Video --> http://bit.ly/2e1YCJn


    Cellar Door is known for hosting the best House & Techno events in Cardiff and today we are proud to launch our sister event - ‘CONCEPT Drum n Bass’.

    For our launch on Nov 25th @ The Vaults we have put together a huge line-up with 5 headlining acts and some of the very best Drum n Bass DJ’s from Cardiff. There are still a few spaces in Vault 2, so get your 1 hour mixes into us ASAP.

    We will also be bringing full Cellar Door production to ensure both sonically and visually this goes off with a bang!

    Vault 1

    Serum B2B Voltage
    + MC Bassman

    + Fatman D

    Stu Grady / T-Bone / Kyam / Kaylo

    Vault 2

    DJ Low / D-Reaper / E.R.B + Guests

    The Hall

    Cartoon Cinema Chill-Out (Just like we do at Cellar Door House & Techno)

    10pm - 5am
    The Vaults
    Cardiff Bay

    If you would like to get involved, we really don’t care if you play for other nights as this is a Drum n Bass event to be shared with love to all, so send us your mixes. Over the coming events DJ’s from Vault 2 will be rotated into Vault 1 alongside headliners ensuring everyone get’s maximum exposure.

    This is CONCEPT, this is your Drum n Bass event and we want to hear from you about who you want to see!

    Read more about the headliners:

    Serum —> http://www.urbanagency.co.uk/serum/
    Voltage —> http://www.urbanagency.co.uk/voltage/
    MC Bassman —> http://www.urbanagency.co.uk/bassman/
    Turno —> http://www.urbanagency.co.uk/turno/
    Fatman D —> http://www.urbanagency.co.uk/fat-man-d/

    Hold Tight People… This is going to be a BIG ONE!

    Concept (Cellar Door)

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