Concept 2 - Re-Creation / The Presence - Liftin' Spirits

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    Jan 14, 2002
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    The Ram Records sister label hits release 31 from Andy C and Ant Miles' side project, Concept 2.

    The Presence is the A side, and has tight percussion, rolling basslines, and samples that sound perfectly at home in the Ram studios.

    The bad thing is, the same can be said for Re-Creation.

    This is a typical track for Andy and Ant. Liftin' Spirits fans should check it out, but it doesn't stand out from the previous release. In fact, The Presence reminds me a lot of the Munition EP.

    It's a good track, and a steady filler for your sets, especially between the Liftin' Spirits / Ram sounds...but it doesn't warrant being played in a peak time set unfortunately.

    Sorry guys, but only One Afro: :afro: