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19.59kb for all those videos.. some over a gig.. am i missing something?

they can all be found pretty easily with a simple google search these days
no problem peeps but do seed once finished ive been on full whack for 24hrs..
Yeah I've had mine up and seeding it for going on 18 hours. I just woke up so I'm just now getting ready to actually go through and watch them but I'll keep it seeding for a good while at least. My share ratio is 2.224 on it now (I slowed my uploaded speed so I could download it faster but now the upload is uncontrolled so it can max out my bandwidth if enough people trying to download. I'll probably seed this until I hit a share ratio of like 8 or so (meaning I'll have uploaded the entire 3.75GB 8 times over for those who don't know what I'm talking about) maybe more though I'll just have to wait and see if it slows me down to much on the internet, if so I may just cap my upload speed to like 100-150kbps so I can still browse the internet and upload at the same time. Thanks again man =)


Hey I'm not sure what you did to compress these but for example the Dj Fresh one... has 5 .RAR files but the entire video is in the part 1 package from what I cant tell... So not sure what happened there but I don't know if everyone needs to download all 5 .RAR files if there's no need to. Also the Alix Perez 2 .RAR is saying its corrupt or incomplete so not sure what happened there either. Just thought I'd add that on so everyone can judge whether or not they want to download the entire almost 4 gigs when I think there was an error made possibly. Or did you set up the .Rar's to all act as 1? So like when you extract from lets say Dj Fresh pt 1 it grabs from the entire archive of the Dj Fresh archives? If so then it all makes sense and everyone can disregard this.
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rars are set as one video i split them into 300mb pieces cause i was gonna upload it to dnbshare then only after doing it realised that dnbshare doesnt except rars so just left it like that
you should just extract the 1st rar then it will grab from the rest . i just tested the archive and the alix perez rars is working fine for me?? if there corrupt d/l that rar again and it should be ok or you can just double click the corrupt rar tick the "keep broken files" box on winrar and it should extract.
The dj fresh tut is one part when extracted
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