Completely new Please Help


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Apr 15, 2012
Hey Everyone,

Just really started get into dnb and I haved the urge to try and make some of my own for the past weeks. I thought it was just a phase but its still here. I have downloaded fl studio and was wondering a place to start to learn programs or just what to do in general. I can download any program so can someone please help me get started somewhere.



Nov 13, 2009
Production is a very time consumming thing but well worth it imo. Youtube is your friend if your new mate. I just googled "fruity loops drum and bass" and the first few things that came up all look decent. Just watch simple tutorials till you get the hang of it. If you need some drum kits etc too play with check out here personaly i would download the and have a play with them. Also it maybe tempting to download a ton of samples from that site when starting out, personally i wouldnt tho as it will just confuse/distract you from learning the basics well.


Dec 27, 2011
theres a 'production' section in this forum. you should check it out. also if youve only recently got into dnb, i would download a bunch of mixes/podcasts/sets of some djs you like and maybe even djs you dont know, and then just listen to that 24/7 so you get a good feeling of the wide variety of drum and bass thats out there. also you will discover a lot of tracks that you like and develop your own distinct taste.
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