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Hey guys, i'm really new at this. I'v been reading some peopels threads and trying to get my head around the technicallities of producing drum and bass. Have loaads of questions so if you could answer them i'd really appreciate it. I want to start mixing drum and bass, nothing amazing just to start up and play for people at parties or just make some sick tunes lol :)

1) What do i need equipment wise to produce DnB (including computer programms, at the moment i have VDJ)

2) How do you get the background rythm effect used in drum and bass music (like the background grimy drum type sound)

3) Do you need decks to produce DnB (its not as much the cost of the decks, but the pain in the arse to cart them around if its possible to use a pc)

4) Where is a good place to get free Loops for drum and bass music (Looperman at the moment)

If anybody could answer ym questions, and would also be able to just give me a breif introduction to DnB, and anything else i would need to know it'd be greatly appreciated!




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ok, just to clear things up for you:

PRODUCING = making the actual tunes, i.e. getting drums and bassline together, adding samples and stuff, e.g. High Contrast - If We Ever is a popular tune

MIXING = taking a bunch of pre-made tunes and playing them (using decks, cd decks, software etc) to make a mix, this will involve matching beats and then blending the tunes together, e.g. Andy C's Nightlife 4 is a popular Mix CD

So answers will differ depending on what you mean

1. to PRODUCE DNB you'll need a DAW (digital audio workstation) like fruityloops, reason, cubase etc, as well as a bunch of samples and breaks, plugins for your DAW etc, but if you start with something like fruity loops you'll get lots of that stuff free with it. VDJ is a program for mixing rather than producing.

If you mean mixing you need the appropriate software or hardware - VDJ is ok but there is much better stuff out there like serato, but the mixing can be done on all types of hardware like record decks and cd decks as well so it is down to you.

2. if you mean the drums, this is done many ways, my favourite method is to take a break, slice it up and rearrange it to make something more dnb like, then add other samples to strengthen it... lots of different ways to make beats, you just have to experiment

3. you need decks (either real of software emulated) to MIX, but not to produce

4. free loops - everywhere - but its much better to make your own ;)