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danny marx

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May 18, 2002
London, the home of jungle
For anyone who's into making drum and bass, or indeed any form of electronic music, and is a bit mystified by the whole EQ/Compression/Mastering ting, the man hipnotic of has written a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, illustrated tutorial all about it.

Unmissable reading. Helped me understand something I've never managed to get my head round...
Did This Guy Hipnotic ever finish the tutorial? because I can't find it anywhere... Even though it is old, it's the best, most basic tutorial I've read so far (and I plow through a lot of books - yamaha, katz, etc.)
The compression section isn't finished but the introduction is excellent and an eye-opener - basically making an instrument sound clear and good is about positioning it within the limited range of frequency that you have to play with, not cranking its volume.
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