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TMD Are running a brand new competition.

The competition is to write a intro track for The Mutant DJs live sets.

You can edit an older track of yours or write a completely new track. Its totally up to you.


Your track will be played as the intro for all our sets over the coming months and will be featured on our myspace site.

We will also use the winning tune as the background music for the audio advert of our next event. 29th November. To add to this you will also win yourself 2 Guestlist passes to either our event on the 31st October or 29th November.

Intro should include the words "THE MUTANT DJS". How this is done is entirely up to your creative minds.


Entries must be in by 15th October Latest. Winning track will then be announced on www.dnbforum.com and a dubplate will be cut, to be used at our events.

I look forward to your entries.

***All sub-genres accepted. No dub-step (unless it breaks into d'n'b). Intro part of the track must not exceed 2:30min. Total track length must not exceed 7min.***

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We were thinking about doing some little VIP's for our DJ mates as it goes. Will get crack-a-lacking


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Has it got to be a track you can mix out of then or you want jus an intro that you can mix into?