Comp: Win Nerve009 promos


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Well, we've teamed up with the ppl at to run a competition to give away 2 promo copies of Nerve 009 (Noisia & Mayhem "Silicon"/"Tomahawk")

Top quality techy rollin funk is the order of the day here with Dj support so far coming from the likes of Kemal and Cause 4 Concern..

To enter the comp - hop on over to and follow the links and answer the easy question (if yer stuck - the answers on the Nerve site :))

To check out the tracks - lofi MP3 clips below

A) "Silicon" - Noisia
B) "Tomahawk" - Noisia & Mayhem

For further info on Nerve Recordings point your browser to and join the mailing list to be kept up on all things Nervey
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Jun 30, 2002
"Who was the first artist to release on Nerve?" - why are the competition questions always that simple? if i would be givin out promos i would make the leeches work their brains out for em
:-x :mad: :ban: :D :)
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big n bashy
Jan 13, 2003
United Kingdom
I entered this as cos I have the other eight releases. :)
also coming back in car last night I heard on comp on radio 1 to win a creative labs mp3 player and enterd that too. have to be innit to winnit huh :crazy:
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