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Jun 24, 2003
Taken from the Press Release we received this week. Exciting times!!!!

just had our copies in, and have found out that the vinyl version is Ltd to 500 white label copies, once they have gone they are gone, bag it while you can... click here to order

Anyone who was listening to electronic music, and particularly drum and bass, in 2007 will clearly remember the arrival of Commix’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘Call To Mind’. At that time breakbeat music clocking up more than 170bpms was heavily dominated by a swathe of Pendu-clones and a propensity to squash just about every piece of dynamic headroom a digital audio file could offer.

Rather than follow the path so heavily trodden by their peers, Commix offered a beautiful and simplistic alternative. Trackssuch as the uplifting ‘Be True’ and the sweetly vocalled ‘How You Gonna Feel’ sat next to techno-influenced numbers such as ‘Satellite Type 2’ and ‘Japanese Electronics’, creating a mood and vibe that was irrefutably special.

Fast forward nearly five years and Commix’ place in musical history remains just as relevant as it did in the wake of their debut. Having released the ‘Call To Mind’ remix album ‘Re:Call To Mind’ in 2010, including reworks from Burial,Underground Resistance, Instra:mental and D-Bridge amongst many others, Commix further cemented their reputation as the thinking man’s production duo. Undeniably the demand for Commix’ music has always been high.

With message boards (and now Facebook pages) burning up at the very mention of any new material and, following their appearance on Fabio’s Radio 1 show, where they showcased a selection of unreleased material, Commix were inundated with requests from thousands of fans across the globe about a swathe of tracks all produced between 2003 and 2008.

“When we wrote ‘Call To Mind’ we really wanted to make sure every tune on the album worked as part of the whole. We wrote loads of tracks and some of them just wouldn’t have worked on the album. Tracks like ‘Golden’ came close to being on there, but we worked really hard to make sure everything on ‘Call To Mind’ fitted together perfectly.”

“Dusted is a collection of music that we made at that time, all of which didn’t appear on the finished product. We get asked so often about all of these and now that we’re working on a new album we thought it was time to let these ones go. This is the end of an era for Commix and our next album will be the start of a brand new one for CMX.”


Dusted (CD Album)
1) Time Has Come
2) Change On Me
4) Everything
5) Golden
6) I Have You
7) Untitled (Sept ‘06)
8) Tracking You
9) Audience
10) EXP
11) Envious (Original Commix Demo Version)
12) Autumn Rides
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Dusted (Vinyl Version)
A) Time Has Come B) Everything C) EXP01 D) Autumn Rides
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Even though its missing some tunes, this is an ultimate instabag piece.

still undecided personally.

EXP01 is good. but prefer stuff like Herbie that Commix released in 04/05.
If Audience & I Have You were pressed this would be instabag no doubt.
Im not really buzzing to bag this to be honest. the only reason i would is cause its limited really
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