Commix are on point !


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Apr 21, 2003
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Thanks to $marty for posting this in another thread about commix.

But this article really does need to have its own thread. I really like what they have to say about making music, and not making genre specific sounds (although some peeps would say commix always sounds the same) It can be agreed that the way they approach their tracks are very different every time.

Its special that they dont want DnB to go with the mainstream, and want to find ways to reinvent the underground, and unite the sounds and ideas they draw from as Electronic music as a whole (as they are certainly influenced by techno).

The third point i found to be astonishing is the comment about how they like to build sets with emotion that take you on a journey, and not just a wall of sound (genre showcase). They said their FABRIC CD is a good example of music you can enjoy with a sunday afternoon smokedown, a drive in a car, or an afterclub party. -- this is something i have been striving to do with all my recorded mixes since i started to DJ in 2000, 9 years later i feel like i am finally getting this part of my style noticed. Feel free to download the mixes in my signature to get an idea of what i am tryin to acheive.
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