Commander - Dom & Roland - Tribute


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Jul 3, 2005
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Commander - Dom & Roland - Tribute

Probably the most well liked and respected dnb artist of all time and certainly the most liked on DOA!
Dom is an absolute legend who has produced the most satisfying amen monsters in the history of drum & bass and who continues to remain consistent and well ahead in the genre.

I have done a mix in trubute to the legend which includes remixes and classics from 96 to 2002. Hope you enjoy this mix as we await the unreleased classics cd which should be touching down next year.


[1] Trauma
[2] Can't punish me
[3] Skyliner
[4] Identity
[5] The storm
[6] Frozen
[7] Chained on two sides
[8] Hydrolics
[9] Parasite
[10] The vandal
[11] What way to turn
[12] Original sin
[13] The voyage
[14] Menace
[15] Mordor
[16] Thunder VIP
[17] Soundwall VIP
[18] Still VIP
[19] Imagination

Props Commander
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