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For anybody that’s been lucky enough to catch one of Collette Warren’s live performances; whether that be at the beautiful Bal Harbour at Sun & Bass, or one of the many drum and bass events she’s performed at around the country, I don’t think I’m alone in emphasising that she puts on an entirely breath-taking and memorable show. Her voice is quite simply stunning, she is able to build upon the atmosphere of an event in a manner that adds an element of charm and dark glamour.

Collette has had an incredibly busy few years, writing with some of the finest producers in the scene including Klute, The Insiders and Mr Joseph – she is an exceptionally talented lyricist and adds a unique dimension to the music she’s involved with. Through the intrigue and enthral of her vocals she is able to evoke emotion, in a way that truly enables listeners to connect with and feel her music. I must admit, having heard a few previews of her forthcoming work with Skeptical this is sounding like my favourite Collette Warren music to date, and I really am incredibly excited about everything to come from her.

Here’s what happened when we caught up with Collette Warren….