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Feb 7, 2003
i was at college on da breakbeat site an all the things i had open like word & breakbeat kept closin cos of da admin so i went on the breakbeat chat room an logged on as 'LRC_BITCH (piss take of the colleges admin) an i was sayin oi u big nosed bitch cum upstairs an il slap ya, an u look like pinnocio an shit like that an now they have ban breakbeat for the whole college an apparently they've got a print out of all the shit i was sayin on the chat room, i cudnt get kicked outta this college for that cud i? considerin that they shouldnt b allowed 2 monitor wot im sayin cos its my privacy an that? do u lot reckon i wud get fucked 4 this? ne wayz if ur readin this LRC ho then ur a mug get summin better 2 do ya goon!
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