Collection of my mixes (Deep rolling jungly numbers)


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Alright guys

Here's a list of the current mixes I have up on soundcloud which can be streamed or downloaded. Comments would be massively appreciated!

SRD - Light in the dark

With this mix, it's an evolving fight between the rough and the smooth as liquid style 2 step sits along side tough as fuck breaks from the likes of Paradox.


1.seba - face to face
2.survival - wasted time
3.system - peach fuzz
4.stranjah - soothsayer
5.paradox - perhaps the future
6.seba - painted skies
7.survival - wasted time
8.d:bridge - 5th floor
9.stranjah - g-riddim
10.naphta - fully loaded
11.polar - high voltage
12.seba - devotion

SRD - Breaking the mould

Deep and trippy, just how I like it.


1.dbridge - 5th floor [exit recordings]
2.senses - her smile [bassbin]
3.icicle - broken fingers [xtinction agenda]
4.equinox - unity [bassbin]
5.the law - sophine [repertoire]
6.gremlinz ft theory - the gavel [soothsayer recordings] trax + macc - dragos path [outsider]
8.nucleus & paradox - esoterica [esoteric]
9.gremlinz & rumbleton - sometimes i get depressed [outsider]
10.naphta - fully loaded [ruff revival]

SRD - 2 steps to nothingness

A focus on Paradox's label 'Outsider' in this mix, loads of incredibly intelligent, well thought out breaks throughout.


1.deeperheadz vs arperture - the blackness
2.shout vol. 17 - lemon
3.arperture - stealth
4.spotless - with the friend the shadow
5.asc - dreamstate trax - dragos path trax - serenity (paradox remix) trax - the drummer is the heartbeat
9.macc - beautiful defect
10.macc - if
11.alaska & paradox - mauja
12.alaska & nucleus - ataciara

SRD - Breaks, beats and bellyaches

Tough Amens, trippy Hot Pants and all out Drum Funk...Rolls nicely this mix.


1.Gremlinz & rumbleton - sometimes I get depressed
2.X-nation - cloud fairy
3.Icicle - broken fingers
4.Seba - 34 alpha
5.Nucleus & Paradox - illuminism
6.Solar - north to future
7.Seba - as long as it takes
8.Random movement - scotch bonnet
9.Alaska & Seba - back from eternity
10.Alaska & Paradox - heart of space
11.Naibu - fireflies
12.Alaska & Paradox - araicata
13.Fracture & Neptune vs Construct - I feel the earth move
14.Kirsty Hawkshaw - night theme (Paradox remix)

Thanks in advance for listening/taking the time to read! Let me know what you think. More to come soon once I've sorted my records out, just moved house!


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Big up mate!

Originally from Tottenham, so I know Finsbury Park/Manor House well man! In Ealing these days but moving to the outskirts of London in a couple of months.

Been into the music since late 80's as a kid and followed the progression from house/rave into jungle. Play more dark stuff now but love my drumfunk and amen choppage, reminds me of the old days.

Paradox, Seba, Equinox, Gremlinz, Stranjah, Macc, Dub One - all seriously underated producers.

Respect for upping the mixes!


breaks & beats
Sorry for the late reply, Sounds cool, I'm gonna be checking your mixes out when I'm home from London this weekend. Looking forward to hearing some mentalist breaks