DnB Collect and Correct Shotta-Bars


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Feb 24, 2015
hi mates

i'm from germany and i'm a very big shotta-fan.
so i collected as much bars as i could but as a german sometimes its pretty hard to understand what he's rappin.
now i ask you for some help to correct "my shotta-bars" in order to correct my akward mistakes in underdstandig common english :D

THANK FOR YOUR HELP and here a the bars:

Moneymaker, moneyurner
Moneytown, bus and burner
Money get smacked like tina tunrner
Don’t turn on me I’m a quick learner
And I know who’s genufied to go further
from the mic a spit murder
You heard of shotta?
Uncontrollables bring the murder
What?! You don’t know bout me
Who?! U to the n to the c
Uncontrollables got the key to hold diner parties in DnB.
My lyrical play a nap
Swag mc’s wired
Say my name one time and I will end your carrier.

Ey yo it’s a ruder way in the jungle scene
Shotta’s breaken it
Dem why hollow shotta’s taking it to the venus
Im waking it from the sleep
Ring the alarm
got more scriptions and the corone
Harsala but lake stay calm
and I wont mix it lika shaka kam
Lyrically I got the charme
And im here to do some ham
We don’t wanna war
Its music don’t be a nare
(need the last couple sentences)

What them call me energiezer
Badboy shotta the energiezer
When I come for the mic to get them hyper
You can point just like a sniper so what?
Into the banger no
you can say against me no no no
you’re not really ready
rude boy soilder!

To be an MC these days is not easy.
To many sleezy predators talk greezy.
many man copycats watching like tv.
Studying UNCZ to get tips like PG.
Try to emulate look styles and be me.
wanna put the rave that they played on the CV.
man play my tune next to young jeezy.
starts me skepta and ???? .

Back from the back from the dead like a vampire.
its the energizer
Call me lethal harry shotta.
Top but top but not a joker.
Call dem man the jungilist soldier,
they call me the mr reloader,
so many bars up in the folder,
your crew shudda told ya.
I dont need no viva loka.
And i eint no reefa smoker.

Back from the back from the dead like a vampire.
its the energizer
Call me lethal harry shotta.
Top but top but not a joker.
Call dem man the jungilist soldier,
they call me the mr reloader,
so many bars up in the folder,
your crew shudda told ya.
I dont need no viva loka.
And i eint no reefa smoker.

You might get punched in the face.
You might get kicked in the mouth.
You might get lick in the chin for fucking around with tehm dirty south.

Vocally verbally better than veteran getting you high as if they was on ketamin jungle is back and were killing em dead again running it back and we’re runnin’ it red again vocally verbally better than veteran inside the rider funcking harry shotta with the energiezer

Harry shotta on drums now thats a liberty.
Thought that boy was hip hop now hes rollin with the skibadee.
Making tunes with killer G.
Mana mana getting fidgety.
Fun brought him in, he knew his versatility.
Thats why there feeling me.
Shotta got the acalade.
I bin gully since the day...???
Verbally smack a breh.
Make sound boy pack away sets, den get to the decks...???

Back in the game stop using my name
Invane, say anyone’s better than me Insane!
Yo! Pull off the track We’ll quick,
Let me show tricks I’ll ran on this mix
Get out of my lane
Move bitch! Get out the way! It’s Ludacris
The carspray like highspray my way
Or the highway, stop talking sideway
Sideman, you’re offside! Switch beats? Easily!
This Scott LaRock was invidipi???
Raaaa, too much for ya
Overhere now let me go for ya
Shitstain should never stop to ya
Good luck to ya

Kill’em on a rhythm
But I kill’em on a Track
Kill a Combo
Kill a man twice when a combat
Off sign contract
You never seen
You made music
No one like contact
I just did it
Cold with it
Flow civic
Limitless I got no limit
Ah get me done when the mixtape’s finished woa!
Mind to wet’em up
I ain’t getting’ up
Ey yo … it’ time that we set’em up
Wait! Theat was a bit like evil
In a way I#m a bit like evil
Sense of a ruder
Interrascinail spurs

Oh don’t what let me give them a beating
What man for I wasn’t competing
You flow so right by knees up treeking
Preaches stop sticking your beeking
Beeping from a court a prick peeking
Punch that flight into next weekend
Speaking out and turn about me
Droped in the whip
Fruse and meeking
I wanna bring out the animal good
I’m a cannonl cannonball up in the hood
I’m a fameable character you understood
If you pissin me off
(last couple of the pretty quick sentences)

They talk ‘bout shotta They talk ‘bout fire
They talk ‘bout them They talk ‘bout layer
They talk ‘bout bass They talk ‘bout drums
They talk ‘bout bars They talk ‘bout fun
They talk ‘bout legion They talk ‘bout skiba
They talk about the UNCZ say they can’t get bigger
They talk about the crew with the most fuckin swagger
But am I done?

Don don don don dada
Nobody bigger Nobody better
Lyrical get than I want the darker
Too many man who go to come back
A man wanna test it on the tonetyper
Inspired Rattan rattan
Hipple tongue?
Don’t like a big MC?
Lika strike a bands when you said it don’t matta’
You cruise about to get better Ratatatatatow
Close Shotta
You like one trick you notta’ shorty show that you gets better
We are the top top top

Showboy don’t pay Don’t say its okay
When I’m on the air Don’t turn down
No way This ain’t a game
So allow that cocaine I don’t deal with snakes
Like no pay
I’m not wick of this slip in his tongue
quick of this
I’m sick of them civilists
So redicoules so redicloules Stop!
I continue kickin’ it!
I’m a jungelist pomufist
Down for your scene and your underlist
They want a world by team not londonist
The whole world can jump and bun to this.

And two double 0 two double 0 bars I’m gone It’s time to move on
It’s like double double 0 not twenty ten we’re big in the game like Kenny Ken
And two double 0 two double 0 bars again put that into your haze
Don’t double double 0 not twenty ten so much new shit for them
Look how I came into this shit my new album gone clear
Want new freestyle every week about watch your mouth cause I’m so pep
In comparison so week predator I’m so deep
Hash me go maby time to go sleep

Hurricane torpedo, na na natural disaster
Dem why copy with a caating, da da da we master
Da da da da da that shottaflow in a new division
Starks in the sorpering off say oppolision
I know I got my things come true I write more bars than only you
UNCZ were the lyrical crew
(last couple sentences)

Giddy up giddy up tryin’ hip hop
You never stormin like tricup
I can’t hear you so speak up!
You’re joker filling that liquor
It’s Shotta on that speaker
(last couple sentences)

so i think that should be it.... till now^^

thanks for help bis up every1

- - - Updated - - -

i can do the grinding born now of the hip hop
now in the druma and base shotta makes some licsure
energiezer splintercell i'm charging better never dream well
you can tell the frontline taking out the infidell
your in fatal are inpharell
now you gotta unlock to allow the streetkey
now i wanted to see allow what he says
we run the rid for day
turn the internet free
blaze about to break free
and i spray you in the face with UJ
beverman is gettin the hey!

i forgot that one hahaha :D

- - - Updated - - -

Shotta boy the lyrical menace
merking the mic from here to venice,
one of the first in this like genesis,
dont get it twist.
Cummin up quick thts why your???
see my name on the top ten list
dont dis to the man who cant chat like this
dont take it to heart dont slit your wrist.
big in this ting like crissy cris.
shudda bin signed to crisalis.
Blink youll be missing this.
think while im ripping this.
Ill murder the riddim and more ill give em now let me show and take a sniff of this.

another one^^


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Feb 24, 2015
Next one :D

Ok fuck that get off the dance like
na gimme love that me no suck that
Boom boom preasure I don’t fuck that
man over bang bang wann bag that
all day all night long I’m wanted fucking
while you place is ponic
Shotta! Just havin’ a daddy
work your planic so sonic!
Blood I’m takin it there
They gone it like OH YEAH!
Energy I got there
Shine your legs up in the air
Naughty ting them call me king of the ring
we are service ponani must a mans spring.


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Jun 3, 2013
Uncontrollables got the key to hold dinner parties in DnB.

heard uncz do a great starter haha,

this should be hold down the parties in DNB mate, basically means they do good parties

I'm english and sometimes I don't have a clue what he's going on about haha, if you like it just vibe to it man don't need to understand the meaning, I used to go jump up raves nealy every weekend and usually didn't have a fucking clue what MC's were saying (too twisted usually haha) but still be on the dancefloor 10 - 6 having it out
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