Collabs? Leeds, UK or anywhere else in the world :)

M.r. Echo

New Member
So basically I regularly collab with a guy I met in a pub about 6 months ago. We have gotten some really good tunes together so far but unfortunately due to work it is hard to meet and get on tunes as much as we would like.

So... I am hoping to find someone to collab with (as many as I can keep up with infact).

IMO.. my strengths are finding and creating nice sounds and I make a point of trying to make 'original' music - I will not copy others and try to sound like someone else.

My biggest downfall is in my sequencing skills. I am okay, but in the sense of collaborating, I am of better use making smaller sections and letting others take the lead on the sequencing. But, obviously I think collaborating is about both producers doing it all together - but just having the stronger of the 2 at certain things take the lead is obviously better for the tune... and for the other learning new techniques.

Let me know if you are interested. For me it is more about learning from each other more than anything.

Anyone close to Leeds, UK would be unbelievably good... but thats highly unlikely I suppose so just anyone who is interested give me a shout! :)
What is your style exactly of music? Is it DnB (dumb question on these forums) but its nice to collab and easier, if the two people are similar styles in music. (ex. dubstep vs. dicso house lmfao)