collaboaration face to face B2B south London

how much money you could get from youtube on sharing a video of britney spears eating curry?

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Rajstah Vibe
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I'm really sory to anyone outside UK/London.
I really want to collaborate in a face to face project.
My studio it's available with EMU 5000Ultra sampler, Korg Radias, Korg MS2kr, Sherman Filterbank and many other analogue creative things including voice transormers and Helectro Harmonix , Rat, Custom Built valve FX, stomp boxes analog.
I use Ableton Live 9.
The studio it's threated and sounding good.
Style deep neuro Dispatch rec, Commercial suicide and co
PM me if you have extra ideas.
I also have a great MC u can hear in this track below together with the Sherman Filterbank that I used to create the bass.
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