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    Hello world!

    I couldn't find an alive thread about this topic, so I thought I'd make one.

    This is a thread for producers to express any of the following:

    - the kinds of music you like to make
    - the kinds of music you don't like to make
    - works in progress other than DnB you enjoy
    - your favorite artists (No more than a current top 10)
    - your favorite labels
    - your favorite part(s) of a track to produce (bassline, perc, pad, etc.)
    - your least favorite part(s) of a track to produce

    Answering all these questions should make it clear to yourself and everyone here what your musical preferences are. You can use this info to see if you'd like to collab with that producer!

    Anyone who posts should intend to work with someone else, either by offering or receiving an offer to work with someone. This is the time to polish your skills by helping each other out. Carpé Diem, gents

    - - - Updated - - -

    And I'll start off with...

    - I enjoy producing Jungle, Minimal, and a little Neuro
    - I don't really enjoy it, but I make some Trap because some people around me like it. Amateur promotion! lol
    - I've got some house projects that need revamping

    10. Silent Witness
    8. SpectraSoul
    7. Loxy
    6. Gremlinz
    5. Cause4Concern
    4. Calyx & TeeBee
    3. The Untouchables
    2. Interline
    1. Clarity

    - Virus, Metalheadz, C4C, Invisible, Samurai Music, Cylon, Exit, Vampire, Nurtured Beatz, 31
    - I have a lot of fun messing with the FX over perc and pads. I also enjoy making subbass
    - I don't enjoy making basslines...all that automation is a headache

    Right now, I enjoy making Jungle and Minimal, so that is probably what I would want to collab on. However, because I'm not great at making Neuro, it would definitely be a learning experience to work with someone on a Neuro track. Thanks guys, cheers
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    You should add a section for people to state the DAW they work in. This seems to be a "make it or brake it" when it comes to a lot of collabos. Sending stems back and forward is quite a bit more time consuming and restricting than having the actual project file.

    Just an idea. Would be cool to see this thread take off.
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