Multi Genre Collab project: Dead Museum

Just listened to the first one and it sounds good. really interesting stuff. I'd cut back on the background noise samples a bit. I think they kind of distract from the track a little bit.

I like the second tune a bit more. it's a bit more fun and dancey. I like thebass sound on it. what did you use for it?

The 3rd track kind of reminds of aphex twin. I like it it. Not much else o add there

I really like the beats on the 4th one

M.r. Echo

New Member
Thanks a lot guys! We're basically just making tunes with no initial idea of what we want each tune to be, and have been quite pleased with the results so far. More on it's way!

I am gonna have a check of you guys out now!

Mr_DnB: that tune is sounding very nice. As it's a WIP, main advice I can give is to just to vary it up a bit. Maybe some modulation changes on synths (and even groups on drums)??? Sounding like a very nice start anyway!

Whiterob81: Gonna go have a comment on one of your posts now! :) Thanks a lot for the input! Its very much appreciated!