collab anyone???


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Sep 16, 2011
okay so.. i've been producing on and off for around a year and a half, give or take. the last two months i've really sunk my teeth back into it and I feel like all the stuff i've been learning for the last year and a half is starting to come togethr pretty well, so i'm definitely interested in progressing to the next level.

so i'm looking for a collab partner! i haven't been part of one before but I see lots of collab acts around, so it seems like a really good way to go. I don't use any major DAW's (I use renoise) so it'll most likely have to be stem-based (can't be too much of a problem, right?) but if there happens to be someone from bristol kicking around that would be pretty sick too.

as for my influeces, i like my d&b pretty diverse: black sun empire, noisia, spor, logistics, mutated forms, loadstar, alix perez, icicle, friction, rockwell, wilkinson, hamilton, concord dawn.. etc.

I don't have any stuff up on my soundcloud because tbh i've never been happy enough with any of my stuff to up it online and I got pretty pissed off one day and deleted a lot of my previous projects and started again, with a completely different DAW.. but I definitely feel like i'm at a good enough level to be a contribution to a collab duo/trio/whatever.

so yeah, if you're interested, please hit me up :) also if you know any other forums which have a collab section or something i'd love to see it. infact this forum could probably do with a collab section ;)
Hi, you still looking for a collab? my name is thomas and i come from germany. i use renoise and produce since 3 years. my english is far not the best, but i understand all :)

write back, if you´re interested
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