For Sale Cold Steel Records - Large collection of unused DnB vinyls for sale £4 a record

Cold Steel

Jan 28, 2012
Cold Steel Records is currently in possession of thousands of unused DNB vinyl from 6 or more years ago, none of them have ever touched a deck in their lives! You can’t get a hold of these anywhere else! Selling at £4 per record and shipping around the UK. (P&P may vary)

All 12" Vinyl
Perfect Condition
£4 each regardless of age/artist/title
The more titles that sell, the more that can be put up for sale, the thread will be updated once the collection is updated.

For a spreadsheet of all the current titles in stock please take a look at the record library spreadsheet at -

How to order:

1. Have a browse through the spreadsheet of tunes pick and choose the ones that you like.

2. When you find ones that you'd like to buy just copy and paste the Artist(s) & Tune Title(s) and send them in an email with postage details to -

3. Wait for a confirmation email stating prices (including P&P) and finish off by paying through paypal, then sit back, relax and wait for the dark sounds to arrive at your doorstep.

It would also be appreciated if you 'like' the Cold Steel Records page on facebook, which will help you keep updated also.

Thank you for your time, happy tune hunting!
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