Cold Bath EP [TRIM022]

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    1: Epidemic – “Sweet Milk”
    2: Alien Seed – “The Workingmachine”
    3: Kust – “Nemesis”
    4: Redject – “The Fall”
    5: Incube & Lost – “Satellite”
    6: Alien Seed – “Annihilating Rhythm”

    Drum and bass doesn't come any more gnarled and messed-up than these six new tunes from Germany's Trust In Music label. Epidemic's "Sweet Milk" is a metal-flecked crossover with a brilliant build that mutates into a whole change of direction, aided by some mean guitar chords, while sub-pummelling bass is the order of the day on Alien Seed's "The Workingmachine". On a much more stripped-down, jump-up tip though is Kust's "Nemesis" while the gabba-influenced "Satellite" by Incube and Lost is probably the toughest and meanest beat of the bunch. (review on juno)

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    Thanks to all who have supported this release!