cognac question


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May 10, 2010
hey all, just a quick question about the drinks cognac, how you see the drinks fit in either.....

A: luxury & royal
B: Cool & trendy
C: Warm & good time

Any extra input would be nice too, feel free to share your knowlege or comment, thx in advance!


May 27, 2009
There is plenty more than those 3.

Just depends on your taste, look into French Brandys, research what grapes are used from which regions & base your desicion on what you like...

Hine is bar far the best producer i've come across big enough to be available, but not huge enough to compromise on quality for profit, massive range, but sadly usually difficult & expenisve to source the rarer varities in this country.

But yeah, check their website & wiki links for more info.
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