Code - Subtle Audio Show (Here's to Hidden Agenda) Dec 11th 2016


Jun 13, 2007
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Was very sad to hear of the death of Mark Goodings a few weeks ago. Mark, along with his brother Jason made up Hidden Agenda - a production outfit who were responsible for countless head-twisting D&B classics on Metalheadz, Creative Source and Reinforced in the nineties (and beyond). Their music has been a huge influence on me and countless others and I really wanted to pay tribute to the man and say thank you. This show includes quite a few Hidden Agenda tracks mixed up with some other like-minds from back in the day - the likes of DJ Die, Photek, Leon Mar, J Majik, Optical, Wax Doctor, Spring Heel Jack, Blame & Justice, Manix, Ils & Solo, Klute and more. RIP Mark Goodings.

Tracklisting :
1. Spring Heel Jack ft Tracey Thorn - Walking Wounded (Dub Mix) (Virgin)
2. Glider State (Blame & Justice) - Outside, Looking In (Modern Urban Jazz)
3. Hidden Agenda - Is It Love? (Metalheadz)
4. Manix - Crystal Winds (Reinforced)
5. Roni Size - Secrets (Full Cycle) *** can't get this dust off the needle mix ***
6. DJ Die - Landslide (Full Cycle)
7. Hidden Agenda - Get Carter (Metalheadz)
8. Justice - Aquisse (Basement)
9. Frank De Wulf - Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Remix) (Harthouse)
10. Innervisions (J Majik) - Liquid Velvet (Infrared)
11. Gangster Sound (A-Sides) - Paradise (Strictly Underground)
12. Hidden Agenda - Swing Time (Metalheadz)
13. Hed F.U.K (Optical & Austin Reynolds) - Tranquility (Bear Necessities)
14. Ils & Solo - Frozen (Timeless)
15. Photek - Hybrid (Science)
16. Klute - Tribunal (Certificate 18)
17. Hidden Agenda - The Sun (Creative Source)
18. Suv - Output (Full Cycle)
19. Hidden Agenda - Dispatches #2 (Metalheadz)
20. Kosmos - Tighten Up (Droppin Science)
21. Hidden Agenda - 12 Seconds (Creative Sun)
22. Photek - Complex (Photek)
23. Leon Mar - Running (Reinforced)
24. Hidden Agenda - Pressin On (Metalheadz)
25. Hidden Agenda - Redress (Reinforced)
26. Hidden Agenda - The Wedge (Metalheadz)
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