Code of horror demo

Mar 23, 2007
Codename Edd demo

Demo of new tune im working on,
Trying to get a good sound out of my FM
check it out

working hard and more to come!!!

only on myspace
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The intro is a bit...well...random? But the drop is ok i mean the drums sit right wiv the bass, some noises i would personally hav different i.e bit crushed. Fx, you need whooshy noises all jump up tunes rely mostly on build ups and breakdowns, u can immitate this wiv summin as shitty as white noise pitchin up or down.
But its a good effort nonetheless how long u been producing for?

Tbh im not really a jover (jump up lover) so im the wrong person for feedback on this one lol
Cheers man, points taken. Intro's are def one of my weaker spots!
Been producing for nearly 4 years, long road, but i really want
something to happen this year, ie, get something mastered and cut.

well my advice to you is keep at it your nearly there mate, if u have trouble makin intro's here's an easy tip take the riff of your bassline an mimic it with another noise in a really wet reverb so its background, then wen the tune drops it feels recognisable maybe highbass your drums comin in aswell, an rises are your friends!! That is the easiest way for an intro imo. (pretty much all of my tunes lol) keep postin your tunes up, many ppl on here do feedback wen they get a chance 2 listen! an its all very constructive!

Peace an happy tune makin!
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