Code 3 - Living Proof/Response Call Exit 021 droppin 23rd March


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EXIT021 Living Proof – Code 3 Exit Records 12″ Vinyl
Finish copy. Living Proof sees Code 3 come with their next eagerly awaited lesson in subtle dance floor devastation. A paranoia inducing soundscape sets the scene, combining with an ever-building groove that takes the listener further into the depths with each ugly turn. Dropping with a wall of sub bass, it’s clear why this tune is also known as the ‘rig tester’. Choice effects, distorted fizz and hits bounce off one another giving the track an irresistible groove and a real heads down feel. The sub bass assault is unrelenting and demands the listeners undivided attention. Hurting the clubs worldwide and included by dBridge & Instra:mental in their Fabric Live 50 mix CD, Living Proof is a tune you need in your box right now. From the off the organic and springy Bristol inspired drums reveal that this track is poised to be a heavyweight roller, perfect to kick off any set. The sub creeps in almost immediately and the intention is clear, this one’s made for skanking. A constantly evolving and morphing bass line layered upon funky edits and retro sound effects will have people moving throughout. Response Call completes another must have record from Code 3, ones to watch very closely this year.

a Code 3 – Living Proof
b Code 3 – Response Call

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