clownstep mash up "SUPER X" check this if u need a lol..

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by BeyondTherapy, Aug 3, 2005.

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    1stly id like to say without the support of KAIZEN RECORDS i would not be placeing this up.

    its something i did on a mix way back for them and they loved it,said it "worked so well they couldnt listen to either record singlely no more".......well

    thanks kenton and krew............!

    its strickley an overlay so "producers dont get on my dick about it"

    djs,well if your a cd player type then cause its just a mash up that so works you have my permission to use it,thats if u like it,lol and hopefully the artists invovled who made the originals will inbrace,but if they are affended with the track i will take down the link no questions asked.

    all i ask is you "enjoy it" nothing more nothing less,i dont need untold of negitive crap over this,its a piece of fun,dnb needs more fun back into it..........

    the panty inspector
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