Clownstep and its origins..


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Mar 18, 2003
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Hey, just wanting to confirm with you good peoples..
did the term clownstep come from someone (i think someone mention dylan?) saying that bodyrock sounded like clowns dancing or something? and it was in reference to the fucked up beat?
I cant remember where i heard this.. but can anyone clear this up?
thanx in advance
Originally posted by DYLAN
I don't know.......for some reason when i hear bodyrock and other tracks with that swing step i get a vision of a clown bouncing into a circus ring with a horn in his hand dancing..........

Some Twilight Zone business going on here it seems......

Im not sure who actually coined the phrase (Dylan, I think) but im positive it started on DOA.
nah, nobody deleted a post.. i assumed six was quoting from somewhere else
@ sdm.. that is clownstep.. eek!! what the hell has he done!!
it should turn into a full dark choon, real fuck-off bass and all..
but that is classic!!
i once read the thread on doa, but cant find it, dylan posted a pic where he dissed twist em out for being "clowns running bout and dancing", i dunno who actually came up with the word "clownstep", who is more intrested search doa :D
And then did a fucking remix of itwhat's that all about?

I think the phrase was created by hermit luddites that are scared of new styles of music and leaving the house. I'm sick of hearing the term especially when it just means anything that's the slightest bit dancefloor.

yeah, i like to use it when it is cheesey as fuck dancefloor material, like fast car..

and yeah, it is pretty funny how he did a remix of that, though i havent heard his.. i assume it would still be clownstep in some peoples opinion though?
I first heard the term when bodyrock came out anyway, which was before twist em out
I believe it was from a whining prick
yeah, well i have heard it pretty much since i got into the commercial side of things, like actually listening to commercial dnb.. though i must say i've heard it a hell of a lot more in the past few months.. i guess when people think they can make a new subgenre they will do anything to get people to say it.. not working so well for cob and his munt-step though ahahaha..
(jungletrains dj cob. not me)
Clowns are very popular this summer. I saw clown paintings re-immerge on carnival trailers (see new sig) and then there was that movie, House of 1000 corpses. Clowns are going to be the next big thing.
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why does it always seem like i am jumping on the bandwagon with everything?? i started a circus course last month, mainly doing clown stuff, unicyles, jugling stuff.. and u tell me that it is popular? wtf!!! this happens with me in heaps of stuff, i will get interested in something then a month or two later everyone starts doing it, and because people didnt know i did it until after they think i just doing it cos its popular
I love the term Clown Step!!

Everytime I hear Twist em Out I laugh at the image of a clown in my head whereas before I just cringed until it stopped!!

That Clownsteps tune by Biffo is jus taking the piss though!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it IF it gets a release!!!!! Does anyone reckon the everyday junglist who doesn't know about clownstep would get it? I know that if heard that a year ago I would of thought wtf!
I might buy that tune if it gets released. It would be a nice way to start a CDR that I would give out to carnival ride ops. :2thumbs:
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