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Close 2 Death recordings Presents C2DMP311

The breed of Soldiers EP featuring: Diode, Zeal + Litta, Rico

24th sees the release of the latest installment of the C2DMP3 exclusive
series. 5 filthy tracks featuring some of the finest up and coming
talent from the UK and US

Diode - Krion

Having been with us since day 1 Diode
steps up to the plate and opens the EP with this beast of a tune. His
trademark filthy beats composing a steppy intro that builds you up for
the pulsing drop that hits hard and fast. Twisted machine like sounds
and heavy vocal hits make this track a force to be rekoned with.

Zeal,Litta + Rico - Lycan

A sound clash from 2 of
the best up and coming british artists we have seen for some time.
Lycan brings the best elements of both of their styles to create this
piece of pure filth. A deep, dark intro creates a eerie atmosphere
leading you into the darkness before cutting the rope, letting the
bastard child of werewolf and vampire take your insides out with a
bassline thats guaranteed to cause some dirty pants.

Rico - Carbon Steel

Rico takes the rains and leads us
deeper into the cavern with this dark and techy roller. Swirling pads
and filters aplenty take you on a train ride to the the darkside ready
for the stomach turning bassline at the drop. Fast and rolling beats
keep you moving as you go on a journey to the darkest depths.

Rico - Pain

Are you ready for the pain? Rico's 2nd
solo outing on the EP is more of his dancefloor tech style with a dark
twist. Edgy and unnerving intro atmospherics send you hurtling into the
void before spitting you back out onto the dancefloor like a bag of
bones. This tune comes with a government health warning.

Rico - Breed of Soldiers

The title track of the EP
needs no introduction atall. One of ricos finest works for C2D to date.
Breed of Soldiers drops you right behind enemy lines and has you ready
for war!

A cinematic intro builds up your morale ready to be smashed into the
down and dirty dancefloor shaking bassline that will clear any bunker
in 10 seconds flat. We love the smell of napalm in the morning too...