Close 2 Death Recordings C2D001 Muffler/Purple Unit on promo this week

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    A Muffler – Myth

    AA Purple Unit feat Wardaya – Secret Pain

    Close 2 Death make their debut on the scene with two stormers from the European masters of techy/melodic filth. Receiving Dj support from some of the major players on the scene and set for full release late oct/early nov.. this limited promo is not to be missed

    A -Muffler – Myth
    Muffler heads up the C2D vinyl debut with true stormer! Bass line swirling through filters whilst the melody hooks you right in , this one is assured to do some serious damage !!

    AA – Purple Unit feat Wardaya – Secret Pain
    Featuring the stunning vocal talents of Wardaya this track is going off in clubs around Europe, deep bass lines and pounding beats a track not to be missed

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