Clipz-esque 03/04 DnB ID


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A tune just popped into my head when reading the thread about intros.I remember hearing an intro tune on a DJ Clipz Vs Hazard tape from Innovation North Vs South around 2003/2004.Sorry no audio but it was from this tapepack ...

The tune itself sounds very much like a standard Clipz production from around that time,it had a big long mad sounding intro with lots of breaks/mash up (sounding like it was a DJ special)..also repeating 'DJ DJ DJ' fading out and some other speech samples (Martin Luther??).It kept building up and up.

I have heard this since on Youtube so it deffo got a release but am unable to find it again,I've listened to about every Clipz tune on there and I don't think I can take anymore lol.

Any help on this would be super duper thankyou (y)
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