Climate Records Australia: [CLIMATE006] Rregula OUT NOW!

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    Climate Records Australia: [CLIMATE006] Rregula OUT NOW!

    Rregula – Wavemaker 2009 VIP / Eyes Turn Black

    Wavemaker: Originally signed to the first ever digital drum & bass label Kinematic 320 back in 2004 has been redone for 2009 a very unique track watch out for the Dub step remix to follow.

    Eyes Turn Black: Eyes Turn Black is a VIP of Climate 004 Eyes turn Red, One of Rregula’s best tracks to date a dirty roller which has been getting support from major artists such as Dementia, Mindscape, Agent Alvin, Cern, Dose, Teknik, Bulletproof, State Of Mind, Upbeats, NME Click, Misha, Dabs, Proktah and many many more!

    Cover Artwork


    Vinyl Artwork

    Music Clips Here:

    Available from: Wavemaker 2009 VIP / Eyes Turn Black

    Dogs on Acid Best Promos ->

    MP3 will soon be Available from:

    Climate Records makes a return in 2009 with new distribution agent Triple Vision and a new owner. Climate Records will be heading in a whole new direction from 2009 featuring not only drum and bass but Dubstep grime too!
    Climate will also feature many established artists in the Drum and Bass / Dubstep scene as well as the best new up and comers from around Australia and New Zealand.

    To get in contact with Climate Records or send demos
    AIM – AccessClimate
    Email –
    To hear the latest music clips and current info check out
    Climate is also proud to announce Climate Digital!
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