Clean Amen Break?

Basically i want a clean amen break have used the forum search but can only find threads from like 2003 and all the links are broken or they take me to a website and the download file isn't there any more, it would be great if someone can post a link or upload an amen break, cheers

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what exactly do you mean by a "Clean" Amen? Do you mean good EQ levels? Cos from what I understand, the actual amen break is pretty muddy, which gives it it's authenticity, and texture. There are other breaks out there that sound "cleaner" such as the "Think" Break, or even the "Apache". Good to see a fellow essex lad on here too!


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TC's amen, probably cleanest I've come across
It's clean to some degree but I find this a bit harsh on my ears.

The best way to get a good amen is to go to the source. Most of the ones online are the original version, sped up and processed, and 99% of them online are badly processed.

There is a CD version of the Amen break, I have it on my music computer and can upload when I am near that machine. When I say CD version, I mean the original Winston's tune released on an audio CD, which can be extracted to WAV.

The other option is the vinyl version, and I have a few of those, but again, the quality depends on who has sampled it in the first place, and by what means etc.

Personally, I'd go for the CD version, so you get the best source sample you can. Once you have a good source, you can process it knowing that the source sample was the best it could be.

The top end energy in the Amen is what makes it what it is for me, and the snare tones, but the thing that makes it so good, is also the thing that makes it hard to get a clean strong break from it! Catch 22! All hits in the amen have top end over them, it's always there, and it does cause problems when trying to make them fat.

Experiment with two mono left, or two mono right sides of the amen, panned left and right.

I have some more tips but I'm supposed to be working and need to get back on...


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I find that a good way to "clean up" an amen usually involves:

1) Pitching up - this will shift the freq's to the higher end of the spectrum, almost like doing an EQ boost on the highs
2) Slice to midi then shorten notes - this will get rid of the reverb tails.. alternatively use a noise gate
3) EQ - boost up the highs a bit more.. look for resonant peaks and bring them down