classic tunes...PLS HELP!!


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Sep 14, 2008
Please can anyone help me find these tunes....I have been looking over the web for months but no luck...if anyone has them as mp3 format...can u please email them to me at:
tunes listed below......if u cant email them....where can i get them as mp3 format from?

thanks in advance

bare witness by chronic 7

not sure of name,....but has ragga bit in middle that goes "loco loco loco"

nhs (disco mix) by doc scott

world of music by back 2 basics

£10/£20 to get in by shut up and dance

summer breeze by ad'e (on shut up and dance label)

breakdown (shine on) by origination

question mark volume 1

the box by kemet

proper lover.....not sure of artist

worries in the dance (remix) stretch and new blood

roni of tricks

shy wait

tune that has lyrics "sounds of the biggest and the baddest and the best, big up your chest"

tune that has lyrics "follow me do go down town"

tune that has sample "my love is blind cant u hear my desire" lighter cru

tune that has lyrics "treating me the way you do"..... nice reverse b line

sam the dnb man

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May 24, 2007
u can afford an internet connection 10-30quid a month..surely u can afford to buy these tunes?...if not cancel ur internet connection cos i doubt anyone here will send em to ya
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