Classic & Hard To Find Drum n' Bass 12" Collection Up @ Ebay

I am auctioning the following classic and hard to find drum n' bass record package at If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

- Chris

Q Project: Night Moves (Original Mix), Champion Sound (Original Mix)
Funky Technicians: Airtight (Original Mix), Airtight (Remix)

Moving Shadow/Audio Couture
10 Years of Moving Shadow 1990-2000. The original versions re-released.
10.07: DJ Pulse: Stay Calm (Foul Play Rmx), JMJ & Richie: Free La Funk (PFM Rmx), Dead Dred: Dred Bass
10.8: E-Z Rollers: Rolled Into One (Photek Rmx), Essence of Aura: So This Is Love, Blame: Planet Neptune
10.9: Aquasky: Dezires, Pulse & Tango: Let The Hustlers Play, Dave Wallace: Flight
10.10: Flytronix: The Rhode Tune, Omni Trio: Trippin’ On Broken Beats (VIP), JMJ & Flytronix: In Too Deep
Fellowship: Muthafunker, Interchange
Guardians of Dalliance: The Look, Reflex, Atmospheric Engineering
DJ Pulse: Stay Calm (Foul Play Rmx), So Fine
Omni Trio: The Angles and Shadows Project (Breakbeat Etiquette London Steppers Rmx, Higher Ground Mix)
Omni Trio: Lucid (Amalgamation of Soundz Rmx), Secret Life (Silent Storm Rmx), Lucid
Omni Trio: Twin Town Karaoke, Trippin’ On Broken Beats (VIP)
Omni Trio: Byte Size Life, Twin Town Karaoke (Silent Storm Rmx)
E-Z Rollers: Synesthesia, Fever
Hoax: Growl, Synchronicity
The Successful Criminals: Crazy Lover, 64 Drums
JMJ & Richie: Montana (Deep Blue Rmx), Beyond Therapy

Precious Material
Nautilus: The Ghetto, Small Adventures
Textiles: Themes Remix (Drum n’ Bass Mix), Themes, Ranges

Cosmic Flux Musiq
J. Davis: Your Name (Parallax Rmx), Constellations
Caspian: Humid, Oak Street Bluesman, Private Detective

Urban Flavor
Twisted: Elements, No I.D.
Pariah: Re-Program, Aqueous
Parallax: Watercolours, Effervescence
Parallax: Dovima's Fantasy, ??, Evolves Through Different Stages

Dee Jay Recordings
Koda: The Deep, Spacetek
DJ Fokus: On Line, On Line (Rmx), On Line (Trip Hop Mix)
DJ Crystl: Meditation (Rmx), Warpdrive (Rmx)
DJ Crystl: Let It Roll, Paradise

Vibe’z Recordings
Big Bud: Noodles, Blueprint
Phyzix: Blue Zone, The Bridge

Justice: Mauve Flow, Switch
System 4: Black Cell, Hyperspace
Future Engineers: Life Support (Neil Trix Rmx), Simulations
KMC: Atmospheric Imbalance, Space Echo

Mouly and Lucida: Chilled, Spirits
Funky Technicians: Fever (Jazz Cartel Rmx), The Essence (Total Science Rmx)

Cadence Recordings
Inner-Vations: Delayed Reaction, United Earth
Aural Imbalance: Realm of Innocence, Rain on Sullust
Deep Space Organisms: Differential, Concentric Flow: Transition Soul
Aural Imbalance: Idiosyncrasy, Aqua:sition

Creative Wax
Free4orm: Space, Babies
Wax Doctor: Cool Breeze, Unit 1: Atlantic Drama

Fierce Beats
Manitou: Knocked (Sci-Clone Rmx)

Talking Loud
Roni Size/Reprazent: Heros (Origin Unknown Rmx), Heros (Basement Jaxx Rmx), Heros (Kruder Powercut Version)
Roni Size/Reprazent: NewForms (Downtempo Mix), Down (Bel-Air Rmx)
Roni Size/Reprazent: Western, Brown Paper Bag

J Majik: Love Is Not A Game

Creative Source
Carlito & Addiction: Future Elements, I Want You

Jamie Myerson: Decisions Decisions, Try To Love Me, Take It Or Leave It

Goldie: Angel, Saint Angel, Angel (Peshay Rmx)

Wired Recordings
Jhana: Say Say Say (Jhana’s Rmx, Genaside II 30% Bi-Carb Mix), Say Say Say (Doc Scott Vocal Mix, Dirt Box Family Planning Mix)

Mammoth Recordings
Jocelyn Montgomery w/David Lynch: Et Ideo (Rmxs by Jamie Myerson, David Camacho, Itaal Shur)

Temple Recordings
Scarlet Lake: Euromancer (Original Mix, KMC Rmx)

Atlantic Recordings
Everything But The Girl vs. Drum n’ Bass: Walking Wounded (Rmxs by Photek, Omni Trio, Spring Hill Jack, and Dave Wallace)

Sirkus Recordings
Wax Doctor: Cruise Control, Reflections, Pill Attack
Beatless: To Expand (Original Mix, DJ Die Rmx)

Mos Def/Pharoahe Monch/Nate Dogg: Oh No (John B’s Smooth Mix, John B’s Heavyweight Mix)

Breakbeatscience Records
Dune: Oracle, Resistance[2050]

Giant Step Records
Macy Gray: Do Something (Rmx by King Britt, Jay Denes, DJ Cam)

Federation Records
Citizen: Movin’ (Original Mix, DJ Kalm Mix)

Polar: Futile Dream, Reversed Psychology

Architecture Recordings
ArQer: Grief, Rainforest

31 Records
Deep Blue: Momentum, Immersion

Talvin Singh presents Anokha – Soundz of the Asian Underground: Jaan, Flight IC408, Shang High, Spiritual Masterkey
Alex Reece: Acid Lab (Wax Doctor Rmx, Mr. C Rmx), Acid Lab, Out Of Time

Sonar Kollekiv/Dialog Recordings
Extended Spirit: Solid Water Remixes (Pressure 98 – Megashira Drum n’ Bass Mix)

EastWest Japan/Warner Music Group
Towa Tei: Angel ~12” Deep Mix (John B Rmx), Funkin’ For Jamaica ~Fallin’ for Rio-maxx (Shinishi Osawa Rmx), New Swing Jack, Butterfly ~Peshay vs Flytronic Mix (Peshay Rmx)

Lost Jems: Chapter Two
Foul Play: Music Is The Key, Elizabeth Troy: Let Me Be, Elizabeth Troy: Greater Love, Rogue Unit: Good 2 U

Penny Black
Cloud Nine: Twist, See

Grace: If I Could Fly (Rmxs by Oakenfold & Osborne, LTJ Bukem, Smith & Mighty)

Total Science: Extra Curricular, Jet Set

Caffeine Records
DJ EP Volume 3: Datcyde: Sober, Jo S: Syphon, Nathan Jacks: The Music Makers, Cloud 10: Bliss In Heaven

DJ Abstract: Sol Train, Second Thoughts

John Tejada & Rusta: Sugar Soul, Double Cross

Sound In Motion
Tungsten: Expand Your Mind (Danny Byrd Expanded Rmx), Tungsten & Sarah Knight: Bump In The Night

Adam F: Music In My Mind (Mixes by Adam F, DJ Krust, Blame, Deep Dish)

White Story
Layo & Bushwacka: Love Story (one sided white 12”)

White Label
Sunshine Anderson: Heard It All Before (one sided white 12”)
Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea Drum n’ Bass Rmx (one sided white 12”)

Dune Recordings
Surface To Air EP – Signal To Noise: Soul Encoded, Dune: Anglefish