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    Junglist stuff and Reggae.

    Here we have 32 records that were part of my beloved collection, however after thinking it through I now realise that these records will give much joy to other DJ's rather than sitting in the record box. Therefore after much consideration I have decided to split the collection and sell them. I have other record for sale check out my other items. The records are as follows:-

    1. Fire - Prizna feat. The Demolition Man

    2. Tarzan - a. Informer b. Hold up

    3. His Imperial Majesty - feat. Top Cat

    4. Brock-out-crew - a. Haul and pull b. fire in your wire

    5. The chocolate prince - b.revelation c.reality

    6. The brock out crew - a.hard core romance b. don't dis the king

    7. 7" unknown label (white)

    8. musical youth - a.youth of today b. gone straight

    9. cowboy ranger - a.gangster don't joke b.gangster jungle

    10. super cat - a.sweet for my sweet b.sweet dub

    11. f paul buju - a. bring your body b. unknown

    12. cutty ranks & general levy - weh dem a watch we for

    13. shabba ranks - a. slow and sexy b. ting-a-ling

    14. blacka don - a.clipper x4 mixes

    15. jason carter a. gangster x4 mixes

    16. krystal & shabba ranks - a. twice my age x2 mixes

    17. general levy -lion a.wickeder genera b.heat c.tight d.guidance e.breeze (with Zaruchi) f. Sneeze. g. Incredible Genral h. Monkey Man (with Junior Dunn), i.Grudge Me k. The Wig.

    18. Conquering Lion Feat Beanie Man a. Rastaman b. Word Sound and Power c. Code Black

    19. Jungle Hits Vol 1 a. Incredible, Original Nuttah, Champion, Good Body Girl, Surrender, Agony, Gangster Kid, Ride the Pu**any, The burial, Sweet Love, Lover to Lover, Murder Dem, Have no fear, Ribbon in the sky, Warning Remix and Ricky.

    20. Ganja Man - Slammin Vinyl White

    21. Urban Shakedown feat DBO General - Some Justice 95 Remixes and Burning Passion

    22. Supercat feat Jack Radics My girl Josephine

    23. Dead Dred feat Ascend and Ultravibe Dred Bass Remizes

    24. Aphrodite feat Ninj a. Nations b. Pain

    25. Dubtronix (The Theme E.P.) a. Screwface 2 b. Dubtronix Theme

    26. Prof T on Redlight a. Get Up b. Sensi

    27. Somebody on Red Light a. Shut and Dance Remix b. Godfather

    28. Aphrodite (White) Busta's Ya ya ya Remix

    29. Mark X and Lewie a. Screwface part b. Screwface part 3.

    30. Shabba Ranks Lets get it on Jungle Remixs by Shy FX, Goldie and Dillinja.

    31. Buju below Zero Move Your Body (White)

    32. Conquering Lion code Red 94 Remixes

    Here are some more of my beloved records and let someone else enjoy them.

    1. Goldie - Angel Original and Remixes

    2. Maximum Style - Stylin Vol. 1

    3. Ed Rush Whats Up

    4. Manix - Heading to the light Remixes

    5. Sudden Def 12" on Reinforced - Let it hit them, Give it to me, Fall like rain and outa control

    6. Nookie - Only You

    7. Basic Movements on Surbuban Bass - Jelly and bubble and wine

    8. Adam F - Criminal Active

    9. The Definition of Hardcore on Reinfored (Album) - 4 hero, Scott and Keith, Nookie, Manix, Rufige Kru, Nasty Habits and others

    10. Mystical Moods Promo (White)

    11. Run Tings & Liftin Spirits on Surbuban Base - Come Easy and Invincible

    12. Dj Rap & Outlaw Candy on Proppa Talent - Intelligent Woman and Switch

    13. D-Power (Mental Power Remixes) - Self Control and Beef

    14. Aphrodite - Deep in the Jungle and We Enter

    15. Dj Die and Roni Size - 11.55 Gangsta Mix and Roll Out Mix

    16. Majistrate - Tell Me and Music Lover

    17. Soundman & Don LLoydie with Elizabeth Troy - Greater Love Remixes

    18. Dillinja on Metalheadz - The Angels Fell, Ja Knows Ya Big and Brutal Bass

    19. Dillinja and Trinity Remixes on Philly Blunt - Gangster and Muth ***ka

    20. Blame on Moving Shadow - Sub Comittee, Music Takes me, Grovve Search and Dream Finder

    Lots more in collection lots of rarities.

    Email me if you are looking for any rarities might have it.