Clash music podcast feat. Headhunter


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Jul 3, 2005
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Clash music podcast feat. Headhunter


Doing anything less than covering the full circle of electronic audio treats in our stupendous series just wouldn’t be cricket, so for mix number 11 we proudly present 45 mins of dark, deep genius from one of the UK’s most impressive dubstep producers – Headhunter.

Exploring the many angles of the dubstep palette and delving into other beat and bass-laced goodness, Headhunter, aka Tony Williams, journeys from cavernously low, echo-laden textures through to jittery, grime beats, all underpinned by an electronic ethos which reflects the wide-ranging influences and progressive sounds of Headhunter himself.

Exploring a wealth of underground talent, featured artists on Tony’s mix include San Franciscan beat-head DJ Unya, twisted d’n’b producer Kryptic Minds and eclectic dubster Luke Envoy, whose tune ‘So’ has some wonderfully dirty bass action. Proper.

Hailing from Bristol – a city not exactly out of touch with the dubstep scene and other soundsystem-based goodness – Headhunter started out playing grime on pirate radio before experimenting with the sounds he was producing, which inadvertently morphed into his own fascinating, overtly electronic take on contemporary dubstep – as much indebted to the dub-techno of Basic Channel as it is to electronica and jungle, all of which you can hear within this fine mix and its array of low-end delights.

1. Cypher - Reverting
2. Brendan Moller and Spaceape - Strangers (Headhunter Remix)
3. XX XY - Reflections
4. Headhunter - Technopolis
5. XX XY - Rain (Jack Sparrow Remix)
6. DJunya - Moonwalker
7. Jack Sparrow - Sniven
8. F - 907
9. Luke Envoy - MUGEN (Jakes Remix)
10. Headhunter - Spaceshape
11. Luke Envoy - So
12. Headhunter - Rodent
13. Jakes - Part of Me
14. Wedge Feat. Shads - Eye on the Prize
15. Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch - Working Title
16. Kryptic Minds - Minor Nine (Headhunter Remix)
17. F - Dedale
18. Headhunter and Krytpic Minds - Replicator
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