Clarity - Other Sights / Clarity & Overlook - Rohypnol (HORO003)

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more quality music from Clarity & Overlook, shipping next week, Friday 8 June 2012:-

Fresh from his Exit Records 12", Clarity heads up the new Samurai Horo vinyl only 10" with 2 mind bombs that once again belie this talented producers young age. 'Other Sights' opens with other world ambience that collides with a razor sharp, potent kick snare combo, a deadly bass pulse and chilling sonics. The simplistic but immense rhythm of this tune is in a league of its own and has been re arranging dancefloors at the hands of the best selectors. Clarity teams up with good friend Overlook for 'Rohypnol' on the flip side. Nailed again by a powerful rhythmic combination that has a hypnotic feel as it sways and writhes, it's other aural ingredients accentuate the snake charming effect. A truly innovative tune from two exceptional talents determined to shape the future. Cut at 33 rpm to fully give it justices this record has had support from tuned in DJ's like Loxy, dBridge, Friction, Dub Phizix, Spectrasoul, Skeptical, Jubei and more.


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love the idea of horo, havent had a proper listen to this yet on my speakers with the sub, not sure if its gonna be a buy though, sounds quite a bit current and might sound outdated in a year or so but the horo vinlys look so sexy and tbh its still a better releases the most crap that gets pressed in dnb.

good on Clarity though, killing it. First exit then samurai, not bad for a 17 year old or something. got a big future if he plays it well. would love to hear him making some more experimental tunes that are less dancefloor, tight produciton