Clarity - Fractured / Off The Cuff [Exit]

Both are huge tunes & fit really well in the mentality of Exit Records. Was waiting to find a decent sample before making a thread.
Will be bagging on release. Clarity is definitely a guy to keep an eye on.
Eastcolors has a tune called Someone To Count On (featuring Clarity) coming on his EP on Phunkfiction that I'm interested to hear
Not impressed to be honest. this guy may be young but i recon he's getting more hype than is justified. tunes are pretty standard. just my 2p
both very good tunes for exit, man has got a lot of talent but i don't think these are anywhere as near as good as parallels was, and especially not in terms of playability..

big ups to him though
parallels is better yes. this is still a good look for Clarity having a release on Exit though.

might even pick it up...
big big release, fractured is sick.. off the cuff really grew on me, proper menacing sound
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