DnB Clang-y jungle/dnb // Gremino - Roamer EP


Apr 13, 2020
roamer ep kansi 500x500.png

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\\ Roamer
Rough and melodic jungle with dnb-twist. I have always liked those bell melodies/arpeggios in jungle, so here's some of that. I also added some 00s neurofunk styled reeses to give some modernity (although isn't that already oldschool, lol). Ring modulated funky drummer breaks brings the clang to the track.

\\ Day Run
Bright and warm summer vibes but hectic jungle-y drum and bass. This one has those air-y jungle rhodesses, and warm strings. The track turns into hectic run of jungle-y dnb after the drop. Includes ring modulated hot pants breaks for the clang.

\\ Icetechn
Cool and icy Metalheadz-styled mid-90s drum and bass. Icy vibes with crystal pads, techno chords and reverbed/filtered apache breaks. The second drop has danger in it with rave-y bass reese synth, booming 808 bass, and ring modulated snares for the clang. (i like clang)
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