cK/ LATEST Mix 25/08/03


i want to play a game...
Jan 1, 2003
Milton Keynes
4 UR


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01. Helix - 'Now Control' (Freeform)
(Ruffage - 'Paradise') (Breakbeat Hardcore)
02. In Effect - 'Blindside' (Freeform)
(Triple J - 'Passion') (Happy Hardcore)
03. Demo & Micky Skeedal - 'Come Together' (Happy Hardcore)
04. The Vampire - 'Choose One' (Happy Hardcore)
05. High Contrast - 'The Basement Track' (Drum & Bass)
06. DJ Zinc - 'Reach Out' (Drum & Bass)
07. Twisted Individual - 'Bandwagon Blues' (Drum & Bass)
08. Dopeskillz - 'Elevate' (Drum & Bass)
09. Total Science - 'Squash VIP' (Drum & Bass)
10. Ram Trilogy - 'Skittles' (Drum & Bass)
11. Lemon D - 'Find A Way' (Drum & Bass)
12. Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce - 'Alien Girl' (Drum & Bass)
13. Slipmatt - 'Hear Me' (Oldskool)
14. Leviticus - 'Burial' (Oldskool)
15. Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - 'Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix)' (Oldskool)
16. Frantic & Impulse - 'Volume 1' (Oldskool)
17. Edit V - 'Sensation' (Oldskool)
Quality mix from the man like the cK.. Like the variety thing you got goin on, it's like a white-man's bashment.. Think this is one of the only times where I've thought a *decent* MC would compliment a set..

Good tune selection as well, tight mixing.. You been playin out much recently?

Safe n that
Cheers bud, nah not played out much in a bit... only free partys every so often.

I've sent off *enough* demo cd's though, just not had any response from them so to speak. :(
whey hey

listened to it
well done !!

can imagine meslef boppin at a free party jammin to yr tunes, would be wicked! hit me up if u ever near gloucester !!

i know alot of party hedz we come to watch u spin !!

;o) :miss_rep: :miss_rep: :miss_rep:
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