City in the Am Drum & Bass Mix (Soulful & Jazzy)

Hey big ups to all the crew. Please peep the mix. -deeveeis-spins, washington D.C

1. Paul SG - Tears Not Drying - Think Deep
2. Furney - Understand Me - Digital Blus
3. Skitty - Rickitts - Horizons Music
4. MSDOS & MJT - Casino - Think Music
5. Soultec - Jam Session - Think Deep
6. Dekoi - All About You - Echowide Music
7. Submorphics - Mellow Madness - Rubik Digital
8. DJ Clart - Vital Tribe - Phuzion Digital
9. Dave Owen - Tru That (original mix) - iQ Entertainment
10. Blade - McNally's Theme - Black Relections
11.Submorphics / Selfsays - Step in the Spot - Westbay
12. Atlantic Connection - Wonderful Life - Influenza Media UK
13. Well Being - Storms By Street Light - Fokuz

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Hell yeah, US massive gotta stick together, bruv!

Alright, so, gotta say, the opening and closing samples? Totally sets the fucking stage and this is the kind of shit that hardly anybody does with their mixes, and for me it absolutely makes that big enough of a difference that it needs to be mentioned. Puts me there, in the location, in the mood, in the mindset, and that's exactly what we want to do when we create mixes. Big ups for that.

That being said, Paul SG anything >>> Furney anything is bound to be an amazing opener no matter what tunes you mix, and these two are no exception. The strings and leads on both tunes line up amazingly and you matched them and let them roll with super accuracy. Rickits also came in nice, but I think you got the label wrong on that one. It's actually not Mutt, but Skitty on that tune, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't on Horizons. Have to check, though...

Casino's a nice little rolly number, dig it right here as it takes the mood from low and soulful to playful and jazzy. Does a good job of setting up the next few tunes. Transition to All About You was admittedly a little shaky and the drums just didn't work all too well with each other, but there's def a vibe here. Ah, some good ol' American vibes coming in here with that Submorphics tune. What an amazing little piece of soul this tune is, always dig any mix I can find it in. It also fits the theme here to a T.

The bass from Vital Tribe was a bit too stronk on the mix, I gotta say, and that kinda snapped me outta the groove for a moment but when you faded out Mellow Madness I fell right back into it. Was that a chopped loop of Tru That and Mellow Madness during the breakdown I caught as well? Interesting! Can I ask what you're mixing on? It kinda works, but I'm honestly not that big of a fan it. I get why, as it certainly does make a mix more manageable, just didn't really work for me.

Liked it a bit more on the loop from Step In The Spot, though. That's still such a tune, though, so it's hard to go wrong with it. Liked the last two tunes as well though the mixes themselves were a bit less than perfect. That last tune in particular, though, does a good job of really ending a mix on a high note. Great vocals, great piano loop and overall vibes to give closure to the set. Actually would be a great 'getting-ready-for-the-day' tune, which is what I'm assuming most people are doing at the end of a morning in the city.

For the first mix I've seen from you I'm really impressed, dude. There's a mood and story throughout the mix that is really well put together and though I wasn't all too keen on some of the mixes, the selection and placement of the tunes was great. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the awesome review. i really appreciate your honesty, and definitely when I put together my next mix I will have that in the back of my mind. You were right about the miss label, the song is by Skitty, but it is from the Horizons Music according to Juno. As far as what I'm using, Numark N4. I originally was a hip hop dj back in the 1997s, more NY style street hip hop, and I been experimenting with different set-ups. What do you prefer to use for your mixes? Yeah man, US gotta represent! I love your tune selections as well. Can't believe you got all that music in one set. I download IT and now it's apart of my dj-set prefer playlist. I'm sure it will come in nice when I take road trips or have those long days at the office. If you enjoy this set, you should check out my previous set:
Thanks again for the review. Hope to heard more from you and your tunes. Much respect! Deeveeis-spins
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