Circles Remix

Haven't heard it but I don't hold much hope of it being anything like as good as the original.

Circles is one of my personal faves, reminds me of so many good times :slayer:
Agree with V Matt there, doubt itll touch the original. Neither of the other 2 remixes did it any justice (although I did rather like the Roni one). Anyone know who did this latest one, was it Adam?
Oh dear, that's fucking terrible :puke:

I can't believe that someone like Adam F who could create a beautiful & fantastic tune like Circles could then ruin it in such a horrible fashion.

There has been some real butchering of classic tunes in the last couple of years but that takes the fucking biscuit IMO.

I'm going to whack the original on right now in the hope it will clear that nasty noise from my mind :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Mulla
Ha! Big up Stu for the on-demand audio! :slayer: :thumbsup:

you know it :) dnbforum come first fo da big tune! maybe not in this case tho. circles remix blows!
"Dimond Geezer" is still the most original and humorous nickname I've ever see on a message board :2thumbs:
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