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Hello guys! I'm Gianni from Verona in Italy, I have been listening to DnB since 2012 I think, very peculiar genre. I also listen to many of the edm's genres like trance (uplifting, progressive) house (electro, progressive, dutch, tech, deep) hardstyle, electronic, techno, minimal, trap, chillout/ambient, italo-dance, but also to music of 70s-80s-90s, post-rock, dream-pop/shoegaze, and piano/classical music :D
I'm here because of the littleness of my DnB collection: I've about 130 drum and bass tracks, and I would like to double them, 300 tracks would be perfect :banana:

So let's do it!

For a perfect start, I wanna ask you what are the tracks that every drum'n'bass lover would have/know ??
Thanks in advice!
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