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The label has seen a major turn around in releases through the past couple of weeks & as the EP begins it's journey to the record shops CIA take it upon themselves to bring the first of many new releases for the warmest part of the year.

The Kox - Its OK
Newcomer The Kox opens with chunky kick drums & heavy snares splashed with mechanical FX & very basic shaker patterns. A steady drum build launches first time into the huge bass guitar line engulfing pretty much everything else within it's reach except for the concrete kick drums & over sized hi-hats.
Its OK nods steadily along to a warm pattern with some obscure but satisfyingly good FX but if I'm honest the title sums up the track.

Q Project - Urban Decay
Airy synth pads melt superbly among female vocal cuts & whispering undertones, while sharp percussion rhtyms tug along at the heart of this track. Hints of 'Nosher' float suspicously but the steady drum build removes that thought & the rise of the deep impact bassline takes its place to lead this early set peaker into the night.
The vocals drip slowly amongst the swirling pads & warm enchanting bassline slipping easily between the senses & hitting all the right spots before dropping you into a sublime break.
Fantastic easy listening tune!!!

Total Science - 8 Ball (Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix)
Most will remember this from the On The Bridle EP which Total Science released a while back, well now it's had a re-lick by big time newcomers Craggz & Parallel Forces & it's a mighty fine job they've done.
Simple orchestral chords rain down while funky FX & down sized amen breaks cut smoothly through the low end bass & timpani drum. Sweet vocals raise the track a little more & work in tangent with the now fantastic sounding chord progressions. Smooth & silky are the words that some up this little treat & a great gem for the EP.

Basic Operations - Era Of Reason
These guys are really becoming a firm favourite of Total Sciences & for me, they just seem to have the midas touch on creating very thought churning tracks & they always seem to last in your mind.
Delayed vocals reach out & touch streched female chords which blend incredibly well with the slightly distorted bass drive & clean breaks. Each sound is used to it's maximum potential, slowly building & twisting until it has reached it's peak to then allow a new FX or riff to guide you away from the last. I loved the second break the chinese style mandalines & enticing kicks build into a fantastic ending for the EP.

I very tight release from the Total Project camp they've decided on bringing a much more relaxed vibe to this outing & it shows the time & effort been put into each track. If you want something a little deeper then get your ears into this.

Overall: 8/10

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