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Oct 20, 2008
CIA Deep Kut


CIA’s super soulful offshoot rolls ever onwards with a selection of hot releases which will slide into any musical drum & bass fan’s box. Stepping up first is Henree, teaming up with Eveson on the A side he drops ‘Lomo’, a smooth blend of beats and subtle bass notes that will have ladies dropping their pants in minutes (pant dropping not guaranteed, please see full terms and conditions). Going solo with ‘Superstition’ on the flip and Henree winds this 12” up perfectly with plenty of class.

Following that with a serious old skool flavour in its pocket comes another fine slab of wax, this time from Spirit. ‘Connected’ hoves into anti-acoustic view with all those Spirit trademarks; stepping drums and a synthetic lead line lull you into a false sense of security before a massive low-end hits you like a teenager with an ASBO. Flip over and ‘Fantasy’ is just as good with plenty of musical goodness overlaid on a metallic breakbeat and electronic bassline combination.

Look out for the next 12” from CIA Deep Kut featuring Lenzman dropping soon…

CIADK014 - Henree & Eveson – Lomo / Henree – Superstition
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CIADK015 - Spirit - Connected / Fantasy
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Meanwhile, over on the Advanced ranch (there isn’t a real ranch, it’s a metaphor, or something), the Total Science boys have been picking up some serious treats for your ears to check out. Next up on this label are SPY and Mosus with a 12” so hot you might need oven gloves to play it!

SPY steps up with ‘Seeing Through Shadows’, some shaken-not-stirred action on the A side of this latest Advanced release. Weighty bass drones smack your chest like a wall of sub-low sound while minimal atmospherics fly past, keeping you interested throughout. On the flip V Recordings’ label manager Mosus delivers a ‘Whistle Back’, a cheeky piece with some choice bass hits and stepping drums that work the crowd like a baby kissing politician.

Following that comes Brazil’s finest export since nuts, C.A.B.L.E. with a pair of moody dance floor numbers sure to knock the wind out of any unsuspecting ravers who get too close to the bassbins. ‘Alternative’ is all rolling percussion and Mentasm goodness while ‘Significant Other’ strips down to its aural underwear with a straight minimal vibe topped with hefty slabs of bass.

ADVR032 - SPY – Seeing Through Shadows / Mosus – Whistle Back
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ADVR033 - C.A.B.L.E. - Alternative / Significant Other
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